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Ford Commercial Vehicle Department 
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Welcome to Steele Ford's Commercial Vehicle Centre, where our commitment to excellence and years of industry expertise ensures unparalleled service for businesses of all sizes. As a seasoned Fleet Manager in the automotive industry, I understand the intricate needs of fleet management, from planning and acquisition to operations and disposal. Providing you the lowest total cost of ownership is always at the front of mind.


Fleet Department 


We'll be able to help you with any Fleet or Commercial related questions or needs. Learn more about our Fleet manager Glen below.

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Kathleen Elaschuk
Is able to help you with any Fleet or Commercial related questions or needs. Contact our Fleet manager Kathleen below.


envelope at kelaschuk@steeleauto.com

Our dedication to customer service extends beyond mere transactions; it's about building lasting partnerships that drive your business forward. Whether you're a small business owner or managing a large commercial fleet, Steele Ford Lincoln is here to provide personalized recommendations, comprehensive assessments, and tailored financing strategies to ensure your fleet meets both your operational requirements and financial goals. With a focus on strategic fleet management and proactive solutions, we are here to help your company grow. Contact Kathleen for a free fleet analysis and consultation.

Why use Steele Ford?

We realize at Steele Ford that a van or truck can be used for more than just getting around. You use your vehicle to generate business and make money. Let us explain what makes us different than the rest.

Upfitting, yeah we do that
We have established partnerships with all major upfitters to customize your commercial vehicle and save you up to $2500 on the purchase of a new commercial vehicle.

Commercial vehicle upfitting is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the trucking industry. Commercial truck drivers can be considered as one of the most valuable assets for a freight company. This is because they have an intimate understanding of their routes and have a network that can be leveraged to do everything from solving customer problems to arranging freight deliveries.

All these factors make it necessary for a company to provide a safe and comfortable environment for their drivers. A recent study has found that upfitted trucks are safer, more productive and cost less to operate than average trucks.

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We're Here For The Whole Ride 

We offer flexible leasing options with low monthly payments. With Kathleen's experience in sourcing the best deals, you can be sure that your fleet will grow with an investment that will make your business grow too.

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