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Ford Patents an Integrated Ladder for Its Trucks



Multifunction tailgate, internal generators, and interior that has everything needed to act as a camping site or an office, trucks are notorious for presenting some of the most advanced and clever quirks and features. I am always amazed to see American manufacturers come up with new gadgets and technologies, and that's exactly where this article is leading us. You see, Ford recently filed a patent for an integrated ladder. 


Or course, we are not talking about a ladder to climb inside a truck here, but more the kind of ladder you can use when you are stuck in the sand or in the snow. In everyday use, these ladders could be used as a step to climb inside the vehicle, but the Ford system would make them easy to remove in case your truck is stuck somewhere. The way they work is fairly simple since you just need to put them in front of the wheels to give you traction. They provide a hard surface for the tire to grab on in case you are stuck in loose sand or snow. When you are done, the only thing left to do is to put these ladders back in place.


Many Patents


The most logical place to put those ladders is definitely under the vehicle, where you would normally find sidesteps. However, some vehicle owner prefers not to have any, especially when you are talking about the extreme off-road condition. With sidesteps, you lose a bit of ground clearance which isn't a good thing in places like the Moab Desert, perhaps.


This is why Ford's team tough on various solutions such as ladders integrated indoors for vehicles like the Bronco. These could be attached to half doors used for off-road purposes. Ford the trucks, Ford's team even imagined a way to attach the ladders to the front grill or even the front bumper. They even managed to find a way to fix the ladders to the hood.


With Ford offering more and more vehicles with off-road capabilities, it just makes sense for the American manufacturer to offer a solution like integrated ladders for its trucks and SUVs.


A marketing hit


To be honest with you, I don't know how much these ladders would be useful here in Canada since we don't have much sand desert and when you are stuck in the snow, it is usually for good reasons, so ladders won't really help. Anyways, these ladders might be useful for those who love to go off-road quite often, and I think it's a very cool feature to show off since it can be used.  


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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