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Fleet vehicle upfitting encompasses the practice of enhancing or tailoring vehicles to align with the unique requirements of drivers and the organization. This can range from basic adjustments like incorporating a toolbox in a truck bed to comprehensive modifications aimed at improving work efficiency and customizing your vehicles for your specific job.

Essentially, upfitting involves integrating supplementary elements onto factory vehicles to optimize the driver's operational effectiveness. Invariably, this leads to enhanced efficiency, safety improvements.

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Enhance Your Fleet's Long-Term Cost Efficiency with Steele Ford Upfitting Solutions

At Steele Ford we recognize that having the best variety of commercial vehicles sometimes isn't enough, often your business will need to customize its vehicles to meet the every day demands of being a full on commercial vehicle. With so many options available to take your vehicle and turn it into an efficient productive tool for your business the process can be overwhelming. That's where we come in. Why not let us guide you through the upfitting process to make sure your vehicle is getting set up the way you need it to be. We partner with a wide range of suppliers and installers who can make your vehicle a productive part of your business. We also offer upfitting cost assistance through Ford of Canada and the ability to finance/ lease your upfitting as well. We love a good challenge and pride ourselves on finding creative solutions for the expectations and needs of your vehicles as tools of your trade. You work hard already, let us make life easier for you by guiding you through the upfit process to make sure that your vehicles work hard for you.

We Make It Easy To Upfit Your Ford Vehicle.
After All, You Have Enough Work To Do.

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E- Series Chassis Cab

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Super Duty Pick Ups

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Super Duty Chassis

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Transit Cutaways

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Transit Cargo Van


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